Force Barkhane/ « the elements present on the Projected Air Base (BAP) of Niamey transform their device »


The French Barkhane force continues its reorganization in Niamey, Niger after leaving Mali. In addition, it provides logistical support to the Chadian government, according to a press release from the French force.

The Barkhane force continues to fight against armed terrorist groups from Niger. After leaving Mali in the middle following nine years of presence, the French soldiers installed part of the armament in the neighboring country also plagued by terrorism.

« Following the disengagement of Barkhane from Malian territory, the elements present on the Projected Air Base (BAP) of Niamey transform their device in order to continue the fight against armed terrorist groups, in a format adapted to the needs of the combat partnership with the Niger Armed Forces (FAN). »

France is also continuing its joint operations with Chad, especially in the humanitarian field.

Since August 25, the air component of Operation Barkhane has been rotating between the BAP of N’Djamena and the town of Koukou Angarana, in order to parachute there 80 tonnes of food provided by the Chadian government.

The supply zone is « close to the Sudanese border and particularly devastated and isolated due to the rainy season, the Chadian government has requested the support of the Barkhane force so that these foodstuffs are sent as soon as possible to this locality. . “, explains Force Barkhane in Niamey

The operations are taking place in close coordination with the Chadian Air Force, for packing, guidance and ground security, these deliveries by air will continue until August 30, 2022.


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